Did You Know Elephant Ears Would Bloom?

Elephant Ear Flower 1

I’ve had elephant ears for years, but never had one to bloom. I’ve seen them in many other gardens and garden centers, but never saw one with a flower on it. Then, a couple of days ago, I went out into my garden, and couldn’t believe what I saw. A huge flower on my giant elephant ears! Here it is.

From across the yard, it looked like a calla lily. As I got closer, it looked like a peace lily. I know elephant ears are in the caladium family, and this flower looks like a giant copy of the small, briefly appearing, flowers on caladiums.

Below are some of my caladiums. I have always lived where I had to dig them up in the fall, and re-plant them in the spring. Here, in central Florida, they can stay in the ground all winter, and they come up each year in late spring. This year, it was early May before they peeped out from under the pine straw mulch.

White Caladiums



2 responses to “Did You Know Elephant Ears Would Bloom?

  1. I thought elephants’ ears was a common name for bergenia, but it obviously has another “meaning” too


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