Visiting My Daughter, Planting Flowers, Making Jewelry, Teaching Her to Knit

Flower Photo

I left home last Wednesday to visit my lovely daughter. We have been staying up late talking and laughing, going out to lunch, and visiting lots of really neat little shops.

She wanted to brighten up the front entrance to her home. She lives in a Williamsburg-style townhouse with no yard, and only a tiny front porch. So we have some waxed begonia cuttings that we will put in a pot for her porch. Here they are on the right. These flowers are shade-lovers, and she has the perfect place to put them.

Bracelet I Made

We’ve also been making jewelry, going to Starbucks, of course, and just catching up with each other. I am so blessed to have such a close wonderful relationship with my daughter.

I’m making a bracelet like this one today, with her help, of course. You can see it on her Etsy shop. Here’s the link: Designs By LolaBelle.

We’re Knitting, Too!

She wanted to learn to knit, so while I’m here, I’m getting started on teaching her to knit. I had forgotten how frustrating the early stages of learning to knit can be for a beginner. She wouldn’t let me make a photo of her efforts at learning to knit. I understand completely — I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to see my first efforts, either.

Lola on Chair Back TA

As always, I have enjoyed visiting my granddog, LolaBelle. I often call her Miss Belle. Here she is.

I’ll be home and back to gardening and garden writing in a few days. “See” you then.

12 responses to “Visiting My Daughter, Planting Flowers, Making Jewelry, Teaching Her to Knit

  1. You are Blessed for sure Maria. So glad you are having such a great visit. The bracelet is beautiful !

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    • I surely am. She’s great. I’m almost as frustrated with that bracelet as she is with the knitting. The bracelet is coming along pretty well. The knitting is a bit slower. Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back.


  2. The bracelet turned out much better than my knitting LOL!! A multi strand piece is quite challenging the first time, but you did great!

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  3. Time with our kids, doing things together–nothing beats it, does it? My mom always brought some of her wax begonias in before the first frost (northern country) and wintered them over, along with her geraniums (pelargoniums), in a sunny window.

    When I married, I brought cuttings of her winter flowers and created my own sunny floral window, carrying on a tradition that went back generations. Begonias don’t grow well in my windows here, but boy, would I love to have some.


    • Your mom was another smart lady. My mom used to take here geraniums into the basement where they were protected from the cold, but had plenty of light through the garage door windows, and one regular window. She would put them into clay pots, then plant them, pot and all, in the ground. then, in late fall, she dug up the pots, and set them on shelves near the basement windows where they stayed all winter. Aren’t these traditions wonderful?

      In Alabama & North Carolina, I had waxed begonias that survived the winter in the ground, but only if we had a mild winter. It can get very cold, even in Alabama, so they didn’t always make it. I should have carried them indoors, too.

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