It’s Too Hot to Do Gardening


My gardening is at a stand-still. It’s too hot to do much gardening. Each evening that’s cool enough, and not all are, I go out to my tiny garden and pull a few weeds, deadhead some flowers, and tuck new strands of the mandevilla vine around the next rung on the trellis. It’s simply too hot and sticky to garden. I can do a lot of planning, though, and am I ever!

The next thing I plan to do is dig up the very invasive asparagus fern near our front door and replace it with another varigated ginger. At least the ginger will stay in one place. I’ve been finding little sprigs of baby asparagus fern all over my yard. It has to go.

Asparagus Fern - mlm c @

Very Invasive Asparagus Fern


Vinca - Hot Pink2 - mlm c @


The only flower I have that seems never to give up, no matter how hot or cold our weather is vinca. Even that hard freeze last February didn’t kill it. So I will most definitely be putting in more. Vinca it is available in white (shown above) hot pink, (shown below), pale pink, red, and purple/blue.

My Wish List:

I’m already planning what to buy this fall when it’s finally cool enough to work in the yard. I’m just getting started on my wish list. Here it is:

Bird of Paradise - mlm c @

Bird of Paradise

White Dynasty - mlm c @

Caladium – White Dynasty

Yellow Hibiscus - mlm c @

Yellow Hibiscus

5 responses to “It’s Too Hot to Do Gardening

  1. It’s definitely not gardening weather. I’ve never tried vinca. I should. My best all season performer is calendula.

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    • You should definitely try vinca, too. It probably wouldn’t last through your winters, but it drops seed that produce volunteers each spring. I haven’t tried calendula — only it’s relative the marigold. I need to learn more about the medicinal properties of calendula. I should probably plant some, huh?


  2. I’m giggling as I read this because wherever I had gardens in the past, we had to do our garden planning in the winter, when the ground was frozen solid and little could be done outside. Wondering what it would be like to live where it’s too hot to garden in the summer.

    Thanks for the photographs of vinca. I’ve only ever known it as bluish lavender or, occasionally, variegated white and lavender. Would love to see those other colors.

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