Bugs in My Garden

We went away for 3 days. When we left, my little herb and vegetable garden looked great, like this leaf lettuce plant. When we returned, well, not so much. It had been invaded by grubs. I find it odd that they munched only on the lettuce plants.

Healthy Leaf Lettuce - mlm c@

The first thing I do when returning from a trip is to wander through my garden checking on plants, deadheading flowers, watering anything that needs a cooling drink. I’m usually impressed with how things have grown while we were away. This time, however, I was dismayed at part of what I saw. The critters had invaded while we were away! This is one of the only three Red Sails lettuce plants left and it is tiny.

Lone Lettuce mlm c@

Below is what is left of 8 small but beautiful leaf-lettuce plants. Along with those three Red Sails is one Bibb lettuce plant — still there, but looking pitiful.

Here’s my once-pretty lettuce bed:

Lettuce MissingWhen we left for a get-away weekend, there were 4 rows of lettuce plants, Red Sails, Butter and Crunch, Bibb, etc., planted along both sides of each of the soaker hoses. Grubs had eaten the roots of all the lettuce plants. The 2 in the foreground of this photo are the only ones that may survive. There are others, barely visible in the photo, that probably won’t make it. The nice green plants at the top of this photo are Brussels sprouts. Fortunately, the grubs didn’t seem to find them appetizing.

My Once-Beautiful Parsley, Before and After:

The leaves of the parsley were eaten by a black worm with yellow stripes. I had a photo of him, but it seems to have vanished. Will the parsley  come back again? Only time will tell.


Flat Parsley - mlm c@

Parsley - bug bitten - mlm c@


Insecticidal Soap

I have sprayed the parsley with my favorite organic insecticidal soap. It is safe for use on vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers.





I have now moved some of the Brussels sprouts and cauliflower plants that were too crowded into part of the lettuce space. Next thing to do is sow some seeds of Mesclun Mix, and hope that I soon have some greens for salads. Wish me luck.

4 responses to “Bugs in My Garden

  1. Do you ever soap preemptively?

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  2. Yikes! I hope your lettuce and herbs have recovered since this happened.

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