The First Snowdrops Opened This Week

I found the first snowdrops this week. The wild violets are blooming, too. These are old photos, but they’re some of my favorites.

Snow Drops - mlm c@

Snow Drops Stamens - MLM2

The snowdrops are a bit late this year, probably because I moved them twice since last fall.

Wild Violets - mlm

Maybe spring isn’t so far away, after all.

6 responses to “The First Snowdrops Opened This Week

  1. I love these, they are my favorites.

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  2. Always loved finding snowdrops, lifting their little heads above the crusted snow as it melted away. And violets, not far behind, one or two, at least, in the early months, usually up next to the house in the cold clime we lived then. I miss the scent of sweet-smelling violets in May. Thanks for this reminder of the coming spring. I noticed tiny bits of green on the plane trees in our neighborhood today, and the flowering plums are all done for the year.


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