The Neighborhood Gardener – February 2017

Here’s some great information for Southern gardeners.

Florida Master Gardener Program

This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

Happy gardening!

Bouquet of red roses with white baby's breath flowersCut Flower Care – Cut flowers are a popular gift, particularly for the biggest gift-giving day in February, Valentine’s Day. From Asiatic lilies to zinnias, proper care is the key to a long-lasting arrangement, and UF/IFAS Extension has some helpful tips. To keep your thoughtful floral present looking its best, treat your bouquet to a few simple steps. With some fresh water, a sharp pair of kitchen shears, and that handy little packet that’s typically included, your arrangement will last much longer.

Yellow flowers of the invasive cat's claw vineInvasive Plant Awareness – National Invasive Species Awareness Week is generally at the end of February; this year, it’s February 27 – March 3. This is a national event intended to raise awareness and identify solutions to invasive species issues at local, state, tribal, regional, national, and international scales. Invasive species have a negative impact on the economy, environment…

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2 responses to “The Neighborhood Gardener – February 2017

  1. Thanks for the tips. Isn’t it interesting how advice changes over the years? When I was a young thing, cut flowers were to be cut cleanly, on the diagonal, for maximum water uptake. Some years later, florists and gardening columnists told us to cut the stems, still on the diagonal, but under water, then crush them with a hammer. Supposedly crushing them allowed even more water uptake. Now we’re back to just cutting them.

    Thank you, too, for including the link to the article on invasive species. I had no idea there was an annual awareness week. Pretty cool, since February is when a lot of northern gardeners get out into their yards and begin clearing their shrubberies and readying for spring.


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