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I was recently asked by to contribute a photo of my favorite planter, and to answer some questions related to container gardening  for their section on garden planters. Of course, I was thrilled to be among the garden bloggers invited. Here’s my photo that’s featured on their site:

The section of garden bloggers tips on container gardening went live today on Click right here to see it.


The planter in the photo was given to me for my birthday a year or so ago by my dear friend, Becky Witherby. She had put a red bromeliad in it. I had put that bromeliad in the ground in my back yard garden only a few days before Wayfair’s invitation arrived in my inbox. Perfect timing, as I then had an empty planter. I’m now waiting with baited breath for the bromeliad to bloom again.

I love the gorgeous blue of this planter. Becky made a great choice. Thank you again, Becky.

Wayfair provided this clip from their site for all of us to add to our blogs. If you enjoy container gardening, you may find it useful:


6 responses to “Garden Bloggers Featured on

  1. Congratulations. It looks like gardeners from all over are recognizing your diverse talents.

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  2. That’s very cool. Congratulations, Maria!


  3. Congratulations first, for being recognized, Maria, and secondly for your beautiful photograph. (I would expect no less, of course.)


    • Thank you, Kathryn. You are my best blogger-friend. You wouldn’t believe how many photos I took of that planter from every angle, in different light, etc. I still had to crop, etc., to get it the best it could be. I’ve been watching for YayYaysKitchen to show up in my reader. Haven’t seen anything lately. Are you still doing it? Duh, I should just go visit it again. Will do ASAP.


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