Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Month in April each year, our local unit of United Methodist Women had a plant exchange at our April unit meeting.

Each woman was asked to take a plant or a cutting of a plant from her yard to the meeting. At the meeting each woman who wanted a new plant could choose one or more of the plants there. All gardeners love to share plants. I took three and picked three. Even if someone didn’t take a plant, she could still take one.

The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church call for us to care for and protect the planet that God provided for us to live. This requires us to be ecologically responsible. So consider not using styrofoam cups, using your own reusable bags for groceries, and buying locally grown produce. There are many other ways to protect our planet, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


3 responses to “Happy Earth Day

  1. What a lovely begonia! I’ve always preferred the sempervirens over the showier varieties, perhaps because Mom always brought a few into the house, along with her geraniums (or pelargoniums) for lots of winter color on the sills. And what a fun exchange with your church mates. Almost nothing ties us together like sharing plants, except perhaps food.

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