Daily Archives: June 10, 2018

Rabbits in My Garden

My garden has been besieged by rabbits. They are eating my onions, arugula, lettuce (of course), tomato leaves, dahlias, shamrocks, gerbera daisies, even some weeds. The photo above is a little baby bunny nibbling on spurge, a weed that came up between the nation and the garden border wall.

After using commercial products with a fragrance they don’t like, then putting out cayenne pepper on the plants, then doing both again each time it rained (almost every day lately), I finally began making a barrier around some plants with plastic forks stuck into the soil. I also ┬ábegan spreading little pieces of lettuce in the garden — lettuce that, otherwise, would have gone to the compost bin. If only those little guys weren’t so cute. Sigh.