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Can You Guess What This Is?


Any idea what this could be? Looks a bit like mohair, doesn’t it?

Guess 2 - mlm c

Here’s a look zoomed out a bit. Still can’t guess?
Guess 1 - mlm c

How about now? This is zoomed out a lot more.

Guess 3 - mlm c

Or now? Give up?  (Zoomed all the way out.) The answer is in the next photo down below.

Inside Broken Palm - mlm c

Here you are. It’s a look down into a broken Cabbage Palm. This is what’s left of a dead, diseased Cabbage Palm in our yard. There is only fibrous material inside — no wood. This is one of several reasons palms are classified as grasses and not as trees. This one was so badly damaged, that the tiny bundles that make up the vascular system are dried out and separated. They look like straw. The fact that it died less than a year after installation is a good reason not to buy palms from any of those guys driving around new neighborhoods selling them from the back of a pick-up truck.

Broken Palm 1 - mlm c

Next time I’ll have a happier story to share. Meanwhile, back to gardening. I have so much to do. My planting beds need new pine straw mulch, and I have lots of plants to put into the ground. Oh, the agony of it all (not). You know I’m happiest when I’m outside diggin’ in the dirt.